Following any orthopedic (and often times non-orthopedic) surgery, physical therapy can play a significant role in recovery. Research shows that people who receive physical therapy recover quicker than those who do not. Often times following orthopedic surgery, surgeons will provide us with their patient-specific guidelines. This specifies what the patient should or should not do, both at home and during physical therapy in order to protect the surgical site, allow for proper healing and a successful outcome. If no guidelines are provided, we follow guidelines put out by the Hospital for Special Surgery, which is the number one U.S. hospital for Orthopedics, as well as using our many years of experience and knowledge.

Physical therapy usually begins with techniques to reduce inflammation and pain and promote healing. As appropriate any impairments such as range of motion, flexibility, strength, balance, posture, body mechanics will be addressed. Finally, we will ensure that the patient is as independent as possible and can safely return to previous functional and recreational activities.